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Your vision, your needs: your in-store eye examination

Our Visilab opticians will be happy to give you expert advice and assistance to track down the slightest visual defect. Their method? They will offer you a range of effective tests, from the most general to the most comprehensive. A simple sight test, a prescription for glasses or contact lenses... your eyesight is a precious asset. Come to a store to assess your situation: an eye examination will finally give you a clearer picture!

Experiencing discomfort or visual problems? What should you do?

Your eyes may be tired, redder or drier than usual on a daily basis. Headaches may stop you from reading, or you may find that your distance or near vision is not ideal. Whatever the symptoms, there are solutions to help you.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to entrust your vision to our Visilab expert opticians. They will obtain a clear idea of your needs thanks to a thorough examination. A number of specific tests will reveal any disorder or defect that needs to be corrected to ensure optimal visual comfort.

What type of eye examinations are available?

You can make an appointment online or in store for:

Your optician will assess the ability of your eyes to adapt to the different visual demands of driving. This test is suitable both for future drivers and for holders of a foreign licence that needs to be exchanged.

Do you want to change your look? Is your vision starting to fail? Do not hesitate to assess your situation by taking this comprehensive test. If you are under 18 years of age or if you are making an appointment for a child, we would like to remind you that, up to the age of 18, compulsory health insurance reimburses CHF 180 per year for glasses or contact lenses purchased in Switzerland, but only on presentation of a prescription from an ophthalmologist.

These tests, which are exclusively for current and future contact lens wearers, will help you to find the product that suits you best. Experienced contact lens wearers should note that eyesight changes over time. Do not miss out on the latest innovations in contact lenses. Come and try them, they are increasingly comfortable and adapted to a connected lifestyle! 

This appointment offers you the opportunity to talk to one of our opticians, who will suggest the best optical package for your needs. To enable them to do so, we recommend that you bring a recent prescription from your ophthalmologist.

In addition, you can make an appointment in store for:

  • Additional Eyecare tests can also be performed (additional price of Fr. 40): in-depth near vision, measurement of phoria and vergence, binocular vision, night vision, corneal topography, accommodation path, axial length of the eye (evolution of myopia), dry eye, tonometry, etc...
  • Style advice: duration about 20 mins., free of charge

Glasses are a style statement, and they can completely change your look! But choosing glasses, whether optical or solar, is not something you can improvise. On the technical side, your Visilab opticians will ensure that your glasses give you optimal visual comfort. When it comes to style, obtain inspiration from our collections and ask your optician for advice so that you can find the pair you feel most comfortable with. 

Next steps? Make an appointment online or directly in your Visilab store!