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Extra-Resistant Lenses

Shocks, scratches, and fingerprints?

Do you enjoy life to the full? Your glasses may sometimes suffer impacts or encounter objects or substances that leave marks. Sports enthusiasts and children often end up with scratched and stained glasses.

A high-strength material ideal for special assemblies

Designed for half-rimmed or pierced models and for children’s glasses, Visilab’s high-resistance coating makes the lens particularly resistant to impacts in everyday life. The surface of the lens is pre-treated and hardened to limit the formation of stains and scratches. From a technical perspective, the index of high-resistance lenses makes them much lighter and more resistant than standard-index lenses.

The advantages of extra-resistant lenses

  • 20% thinner than standard lenses for optimal wearing comfort 

  • Extremely lightweight, making them ideal for sport activities or for young children who move around a lot 

  • The lens is systematically protected by a hardened layer to make it more resistant to shocks, scratches and solvents

Conclusion? You will maintain sharpness of vision with glasses that are adapted to the most dangerous situations.

Ready to get started? Contact your optician at your nearest Visilab store. They will guide you with their expertise and find the right solution for you.