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Solar breakage insurance

Do you value your sunglasses like the apple of your eye? Sunglasses often get battered about over the year, especially during the summer, and they are therefore subject to accidental damage. Take out Visilab’s solar breakage insurance, which will allow you to keep them in perfect condition for longer! 

What do I need to do?

When buying sunglasses without prescription lenses, ask your Visilab optician for advice. 


Visilab’s solar breakage insurance covers your complete pair of sunglasses (frame and non-prescription solar lenses) against accidental breakage or damage for one year from the date of delivery of your glasses. 

Your solar breakage insurance covers the following free of charge: 

  • Repair or replacement of the broken or damaged item 

  • Replacement of your glasses with a new pair of sunglasses if they cannot be repaired within 14 days. If your new sunglasses are more expensive, you will be required to pay the difference in the net price. If they are less expensive, Visilab will not refund the difference. In both cases, the new pair of glasses will no longer be covered by the insurance. 

General terms and conditions

You can benefit from this insurance once a year only in Visilab stores on presentation of: 

  • Your receipt 

  • The glasses that have been broken or accidentally damaged 

This insurance is not renewable or extendable. 

Annual premium

CHF 20 for a pair of sunglasses up to CHF 600 gross. Above this amount, glasses are not insurable.