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Practical tips

Wear your hearing aid regularly:

Why should you wear your hearing aid every day?

  • Like glasses or contact lenses, your hearing aid is a driving force in your daily life.
  • Wearing it regularly allows you to get used to it as quickly as possible and end up forgetting about it altogether.
  • What might initially be perceived as discomfort is actually linked to the period of rediscovery and adaptation to your hearing aid.

Adjusting the volume

The latest generation of hearing aids automatically adjust the volume to suit each listening situation. Therefore, there's no need to adjust it yourself.

  • However, if you do have to do it, you should know that adjusting the volume allows you to push back the limits of the automatic system to prioritise either efficiency or listening comfort, depending on your environment.
  • Don't try to follow conversations that sound like murmurs, either because you're too far away or because the speakers’ voice is low: even perfect hearing is incapable of doing that!

Living with noise:

Hearing well also means knowing how to filter out distracting noises to focus our attention on the sounds that interest us, or, on the contrary, catching the emission of an unexpected but significant noise:

  • The ticking of a watch
  • The chirping of birds
  • The rustle of paper
  • The click of heels
  • A burst of laughter

Your auditory system will enable you to regain this ability by broadening the range of sounds you can now hear and enabling you to perceive your environment in a different way.

Distinguishing between different sounds:

Learning to hear well

Thanks to your devices, you can now communicate in both quiet and noisy environments. List the sounds you could no longer hear as they become perceptible again, to measure the progress you have made. Focus your attention on each one in turn.

Master delicate acoustic situations

Taking part in discussions

If you are taking part in a lively discussion, move closer to the person you want to understand and ignore the surrounding noise.

Public areas

At the theatre or cinema, favour the front rows so that you can see who is speaking.

Listen to the radio or television

You'll get a better grasp of the meaning of a particular comment by associating it with the context rather than trying to reconstruct it word by word. Wireless accessories connect the transmitter to your hearing equipment and assist you when listening to the radio or watching television. Don't hesitate to ask your hearing care professional for advice: he or she will guide you towards the solution best suited to your needs!