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Some visual problems can be the direct result of an eye disease. Among them, bacterial conjunctivitis and glaucoma are two diseases that can sometimes have serious consequences.

On this page, we describe eye diseases that can only be diagnosed by an eye doctor. We therefore advise you to have your eyesight checked regularly by an ophthalmologist.

Of course, if you have any questions about eye diseases, your Visilab optician will be happy to assist you. However, as a precautionary measure, we advise you to consult your doctor or ophthalmologist as quickly as possible.


A cataract is a gradual deterioration of vision due to a clouding of the lens, which is the part of the eye that enables us to see the world clearly. It mainly affects the elderly, and it can lead to blindness. A simple and effective surgical procedure allows sufferers to see properly again.

Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition that affects central vision, while preserving the peripheral visual field. It mainly occurs in older people due to the gradual disappearance of photoreceptor cells over time. Surgery and laser treatments can stabilise the disease.


Glaucoma is a condition caused by excessive intraocular pressure, which places stress on the optic nerve. It results in a gradual loss of peripheral vision, and ultimately of central vision. It is an irreversible disease, the effects of which can be stopped with medication or surgery


Conjunctivitis can be caused by bacteria, viruses or allergies. The most common symptoms are red eyes, irritation, pus and watery secretions. Conjunctivitis is usually harmless and disappears by itself after a few days. Antihistamine treatment is effective if the conjunctivitis is the result of an allergy.

Dry eyes

Dry eye syndrome is caused by a reduction in the quantity or quality of tear fluid. The main symptoms of the condition are burning, stinging and a feeling of sand in the eyes. It can be due to a variety of factors. Treatment with eye drops is effective if the condition is diagnosed early.

Diabetic retinopathy

This is a complication of diabetes. Excess sugar in the blood gradually damages the retina, and it can lead to blindness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels can help prevent it from occurring. Laser and surgery slow down the progression of the disease.