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Anti-Smudge Coating

Marks on your glasses?

Fingerprints, condensation, dust... Your glasses are put to the test every day. This dirt can cause visual discomfort and scratch your lenses when you clean them.

A 3-layer coating

An anti-smudge coating is a 3-layer coating that makes the surface of the glasses extremely smooth to prevent dirt from adhering to it. Dust and water glide off the lenses, making them easier to clean, improving transparency and preserving their shine.

An anti-smudge coating is made up of 3 separate layers:

Oleophobic Hydrophobic Anti-static
Les traces de doigts et autres traces graisseuses ne marquent pas. Drops of water (or other liquids) bead up on the glass and do not stain. Dust does not adhere to the lens or interfere with visibility.

The advantages of anti-smudge lenses

  • Reduction of fogging on lenses 

  • Quick and easy lens care 

  • Improving the transparency and appearance of the lenses 

  • An anti-smudge coating is applied automatically with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings

Visilab always offers the latest innovations. The new coatings make lenses even smoother and easier to clean.

Ready to get started? Contact your optician at your nearest Visilab store. They will guide you with their expertise and find the right solution for you.