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Eye exams

Prescription glasses: the all-too-crucial eye examination

Do you simply want to change your look, or are you experiencing visual problems? Whatever the reason, before you can get new glasses, it is essential to consult an expert, be it a Visilab optician or even an ophthalmologist (a medical check-up is recommended every two years on average). As your eyesight is constantly changing, a check-up is necessary to accurately measure your current correction and to provide you with the right lenses to ensure optimal vision.

Undergo an eye examination to assess your situation

Certain pathologies and defects appear from the age of 40 onwards. Presbyopia is one of the most common disorders associated with the ageing of the eye. Any existing visual difficulties may also worsen in parallel.

An eye examination is particularly important if you notice new visual symptoms: blurred vision, headaches, increased visual fatigue, etc.

You can make an appointment online or in store for:

An eye examination is vital for changing glasses and/or acknowledging the appearance of certain defects. By testing your vision, your optician will check that the prescribed correction corresponds to your needs and collect all the information required to make a new pair of glasses

In addition, you can make an appointment in store for :

  • Additional Eyecare tests can also be performed (additional price of Fr. 40): in-depth near vision, measurement of phoria and vergence, binocular vision, night vision, corneal topography, accommodation path, axial length of the eye (evolution of myopia), dry eye, tonometry, etc...

If you want to replace your glasses and regain optimal vision, make an appointment online and go straight to your favourite Visilab optician!