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Visual disorders

A visual disorder is any chronic or occasional visual defect that can affect the eye. Congenital or age-related anomalies can have various origins and require targeted medical treatment.    

Visual problems are common and affect all generations. They are not a fatality and can be remedied with specific treatment. For some people, wearing glasses is enough! As Switzerland’s leading opticians, Visilab offers a wide range of customisable frames.

Colour blindness

300 million people worldwide are colour blind. This congenital deficiency that affects colour perception often causes difficulty in distinguishing shades of green, red and blue. Glasses that can correct the disorder are now being marketed. 



Myopia is often genetic, and it appears at an early age. Vision is good at close range, but it becomes blurred at a certain distance. What is the cause? An eyeball that is too long and a cornea that is too curved. As with hyperopia, glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery produce excellent results. 

Myopia in children

Myopia is affecting an increasing number of children and teenagers. Increased use of screens and less exposure to natural light are to blame. Nowadays, there are innovative glasses and contact lenses that slow down the development of myopia, if they are introduced at an early age.


Astigmatism is a visual defect that affects about 15% of the population. It is caused by an uneven and atypical geometry of the cornea or lens of the eye, and it results in impaired near and distance vision. Astigmatism often makes it difficult to distinguish between certain letters, including P, M, F and H. 

Early presbyopia

At age 40, this is the time when you assert your choices. This is also the time when the first signs of presbyopia appear. Some people will have to try wearing glasses for the very first time, while others will need to have their glasses adjusted. Discover unique, specially adapted optical solutions for early presbyopes and take the opportunity to adopt a new, confident style.


The natural ageing of the lens of the eye causes it to become less flexible. From the age of 40 or 50, this hardening can cause difficulty in focusing, and especially in reading at close range. Progressive or multifocal glasses and contact lenses easily correct the problem. 


Hyperopia is the result of an eyeball that is too short. Near vision is extremely blurred, and it tires out the eyes. This visual fatigue is often accompanied by headaches. The problem can be solved by undergoing laser surgery or by wearing suitable glasses or contact lenses.