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The BlueProtect filter

Why should you wear glasses with the BlueProtect filter? 

Blue light is emitted naturally by the sun’s rays. One of the components of blue light is the blue-turquoise light (between 455 and 500 nm), which is essential for our bodies because it helps regulate biological rhythms, including the sleep cycle, and it has a positive effect on our well-being and mood. 

The other light present in blue light is the blue-violet light (between 380 and 455 nm), which is potentially harmful. Along with genetic factors and environmental factors, such as smoking and nutrition, blue-violet light is a potential cause of retinal ageing and therefore of AMD (age-related macular degeneration). This can be aggravated by cataract surgery, as in that case the lens no longer plays its protective role. 

The BlueProtect lens coating filters out potentially harmful radiation 

The BlueProtect lens coating is ideal for anyone who wears optical glasses. It filters out the potentially harmful short blue-violet waves, allowing to pass through only the parts of the blue-turquoise light that are essential for our well-being. BlueProtect makes sure your eyes are comfortable and protected every day. 

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