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Tinted lenses

Choose the colour of your solar lenses

The main aim of tinted lenses is to reduce light intensity in order to improve visual comfort outdoors and accentuate colours and contrasts. Tinted lenses come in different colours. Each one corresponds to a different type of use (mountain, navigation, driving...), so it is important to choose carefully.

Which lens tint should I choose?

Choosing the right shade of sunglasses can be tricky. Several criteria should be considered to determine the most suitable colour: design, comfort and above all the main type of use. Depending on the chosen colour, the perception of surrounding colours may differ.

Recommendations according to your activities

For everyday use, neutral shades such as grey, grey-green, or brown are recommended. For sports activities, opt for a shade containing orange-yellow to improve contrast. Alternatively, Vario variable-tint lenses adjust according to the light intensity.

Grey tint  Brown tint Green tint
Natural reproduction of colours for everyday use: golf, cycling, running... Contrast enhancement for extra high-quality vision and versatile use: driving (ideal), hiking, skiing... Real colour perception in bright situations (reduces visual fatigue): sailing, fishing, tennis...