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Reimbursements and administrative support

In the vast majority of cases, hearing aids are reimbursed by the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO).

This is governed by the IV/AI and AVS schemes, which allow you to obtain a flat-rate reimbursement depending on the age at which the first claim is made.

AI reimbursement 

The IV/AI (Invalidity Insurance) offers a lump-sum reimbursement for your hearing aids (monaural CHF 840.- and binaural CHF 1,650.-), based on a medical prescription issued by an ENT expert (approved by the FSIO). Reimbursement is possible every six years, except in the event of a significant change in your hearing that justifies the early replacement of your equipment.

A fixed annual allowance of CHF 40.- per device is also available for the reimbursement of hearing aid batteries, as well as a lump sum for repairs from the 3rd year onwards, depending on the nature of the repair.

If your first hearing aid was covered by the IV/AI, you will be grandfathered for subsequent renewals.

AVS reimbursement

L'AVS (Assurance Vieillesse et Survivants) offre également un remboursement forfaitaire pour vos appareils auditifs (monaural CHF 630.- et binaural CHF 1'237,50.-), sur la base d’une prescription médicale réalisée par un ORL expert (agréé par l’OFAS). Il est exclusivement réservé aux personnes bénéficiant d'une rente et résidant en Suisse. 

Ce remboursement est possible tous les 5 ans, sauf en cas de constat par un médecin ORL expert d'une modification notable de l'acuité auditive avant ce délai. Aucun remboursement n'est prévu pour les piles ou les réparations.

Pour les personnes avec des difficultés économiques, les prestations complémentaires (PC) peuvent être sollicitées en supplément de l’AVS.

Il existe diverses situations où le remboursement des appareils auditifs ne dépend pas uniquement de l'O.F.A.S.

Reimbursement by other insurance organisations

MV (Federal Military Insurance)

If the hearing loss is related to military service and is recognised by the AMF, the reimbursement is higher than the IV/AI benefits.

SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund)

In cases where hearing loss is recognised as an occupational disease, SUVA offers higher reimbursement than IV/AI benefits (if the hearing loss is due to occupational factors such as noise in the workplace or an accident at work).

Supplementary health insurance

As hearing aids are aids covered by the FSIO, the LAMAL (“loi fédérale sur l’assurance-maladie”) does not apply. However, supplementary health insurance may be involved, depending on the individual provisions of your contract.

People with disabilities

People in this situation may be eligible for supplementary benefits such as those offered by Pro Senecture, Pro Infirmis, etc.

International organisations 

International organisations such as CERN, ILO, etc. have procedures specific to each organisation but offer substantial reimbursements for hearing aids.

Assistance with administrative procedures

The hearing aid acoustician will help you apply for reimbursement from the various insurance companies. What's more, you can pay for your hearing aids in instalments, free of charge (up to 12 monthly instalments), provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

Your hearing aid acoustician will be happy to advise you and help you through the process.