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Distance vision

Also known as a visual acuity test, with the distance vision test, you will assess your ability to distinguish different points in the distance. This online test has no medical value, but it can point you in the direction of a possible visual defect. If you often need to concentrate to see details and your vision is blurred at a distance, this test is for you. 

How to carry out the test

The distance vision test is designed to help you detect a possible reduction in visual acuity. This can be explained by a number of eye defects or pathologies. 

The online version of the test must be carried out at a distance from the screen. It consists of 21 letters arranged in 6 lines. 

The size of the letters gradually decreases to make them less easy to read. To perform the test and assess your distance vision, position yourself 4 m away from the screen, cover your right eye with your hand without pressing on the eyelid and read all the letters from left to right and from top to bottom.  

To measure the visual acuity of your right eye, repeat the procedure with your left eye hidden. 

Is my screen suitable?

Please note that all screens are different. Your browser’s page format may not allow the grid to be displayed in optimal conditions. 

To make sure the letter grid is the right size, you can print it out and put it on your wall, straight in front of you. 

Another option? Feel free to visit a Visilab store to take the test under professional conditions.  

Test results

How do I analyse my results?

Visual acuity is measured in tenths. The Monoyer scale gives an average of 10/10, which is considered normal acuity. However, it is not uncommon for teenagers and adults with excellent visual acuity to achieve 16/10. 

In our printed version of the distance vision test, to be used at a distance of 4 metres, the smallest letters measure just over 4 mm. If you can distinguish them perfectly at a distance and with each eye, you have perfect visual acuity.  

If the smallest letters seem blurred, but most of the others are still quite legible, your visual acuity is good. 

However, if you have difficulty distinguishing a large number of letters, your visual acuity may be too low. 

What is next?

The online distance vision test is only the first step. If you have any doubts and need to concentrate on distinguishing letters at a distance, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with your Visilab optician

A more sophisticated eye test with an optician will determine any potential visual defects with greater accuracy.