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Sunglasses options

Polarised filter

La réverbération lumineuse sur le sable, sur la neige ou les reflets, qui se produisent lorsque les rayons du soleil touchent une chaussée mouillée ou un plan d'eau, peuvent altérer votre vision. L’adaptation constante aux conditions changeantes de luminosité provoque également une fatigue oculaire.

Tinted lenses

The main aim of tinted lenses is to reduce light intensity in order to improve visual comfort outdoors and accentuate colours and contrasts. Tinted lenses come in different colours. Each one corresponds to a different type of use (mountain, navigation, driving...), so it is important to choose carefully.

Flash mirror coating

Mirror-effect sunglasses are a great way to dazzle everyone around you this summer. Add some colour to your everyday life! The flash mirror range comprises 8 colours with different levels of light absorption, creating a clear, shiny effect and a stylish look.

Graduated tint

The tint of graduated lenses progressively decreases from top to bottom. These lenses offer protection against UV rays and ensure perfectly clear vision. Since they are a fashion accessory that does not totally obscure your eyes, they are suitable for reading in the sun or for driving.