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Visual disorders
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Symptoms include blurred vision, both for near and distant objects. Hyperopia can appear in young people, but up to the age of forty is often compensated by accommodation, leading to visual fatigue.


A cause can be a hereditary anomaly characterised by an eye that is “too short” in relation to its power. As a result, light rays fail to converge on the retina (instead, the image is formed behind it) when accommodation no longer compensates for the defect. The cause can also be a rarer anomaly that affects the convergence of the lens of the eye.


35% of people under 60 years old and 70% of people over 70 years old are affected by hyperopia.


A solution can be glasses or contact lenses with convex (convergent) lenses. The aim of wearing optical lenses, contact lenses or undergoing surgical treatment is always the same: to deflect light rays to ensure that images of distant objects are formed on the retina rather than behind it.