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Online hearing test

Evaluate your hearing

Evaluate your hearing by answering this test with YES or NO

1.    You find that men's voices are easier to understand than those of women or children. What's more, you confuse similar phonemes, such as "fifty" and "sixty". 

2.    You sometimes find that some people do not speak clearly or do not articulate enough. 

3.    You find it difficult to follow what a speaker is saying in a large room or in a group conversation in a noisy environment. 

4.    You frequently ask people to repeat words or phrases, even though they feel that they are speaking quite loudly.

5.    You turn up the volume on the television or radio to make sure you understand. 

6.    You have difficulty understanding conversation within a group of people.

7.    You avoid going out to public places or family gatherings... where listening can be difficult.

8.    You have difficulty understanding at the cinema or any other public gathering - especially where the sound sources are far away from you.

9.    You experience ringing, whistling, roaring or even chirping in your ears.


If you answer "YES" to 3 statements, it's time to improve your hearing. We suggest you have it checked by a professional. Your hearing aid acoustician will provide you with state-of-the-art advice and solutions tailored to your pace and needs.