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All opticians, all qualified, all passionate

Being an optician at Visilab means having a passion for the profession. We constantly strive to combine the most challenging know-how with a close and lasting relationship with each of our customers. This is our signature.

Our expert opticians will offer you the best possible optical equipment, from the perspective of technological innovation as well as design and style, which are more sensitive elements. Indeed, at the end of the day, that is what passion is all about: combining a perfect control of technical parameters with the search for an aesthetic result.

Experts in eye examinations, progressive lenses, and contact lenses

An eye examination is the first step towards designing your optical equipment. Whether you choose glasses and/or contact lenses, an eye exam will determine precisely which type of correction you need. Our optometrists have extremely high-performance equipment available for these tests.

Similarly, in every Visilab store we use state-of-the-art equipment for the personalization of progressive lenses and the fitting of contact lenses.


Our expert opticians hold a federal certificate of proficiency as an optician, which is obtained after three years of training. They will help you to choose your new glasses and/or offer you guidance on wearing and looking after your contact lenses. They are real style experts, who will listen to you and advise you on a wide range of models from leading brands to create a personalised eyewear selection, made especially to suit your needs and desires.

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