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The different shapes and ranges of hearing aids at Visilab

Types of hearing aids

Choosing a hearing aid is an important step. Each hearing problem is experienced differently, so the solution must be adapted to your lifestyle, type of hearing loss and budget. In the event of a proven hearing loss, the hearing aid specialist will suggest and test a hearing solution from among 3 types of hearing aid and the different ranges available.

BTE: practical and powerful

✔ For mild to profound hearing loss 
✔ Small case containing all the components placed behind the ear (a transparent tube transmits the sound into the ear canal) 
✔ 312, 13 or 675 batteries 

+ Very easy to use 
+ Robust and reliable 
+ Simplified maintenance 
+ Bluetooth connectivity (e.g., for smartphone) 
+ Rechargeable 

- Aesthetics (in rare cases, not always discreet)

Mini BTE (RIC): discreet and high-performance

 ✔ For mild to profound hearing loss 
✔ Small box placed behind the ear connected by a cable to an earphone inserted directly into the ear canal 
✔ 10, 312 or 13 batteries

+ Easy to use 
+ Excellent sound quality 
+ Aesthetic/discreet 
+ Bluetooth connectivity (e.g., for smartphone) 
+ Rechargeable

- More demanding maintenance than a BTE (earphone in the ear)

In-the-ear (CIC and ITE): very discreet and comfortable

✔ For mild to moderate hearing loss 
✔ All components are integrated into a custom shell inserted into the external ear canal 
✔ 10 or 312 batteries

+ Very aesthetic/discreet (almost invisible) 
+ Comfortable (made-to-measure) 
+ Practical for spectacle wearers 

- Limited power (risk of whistling) 
- More demanding to handle 
- Very regular maintenance 
- Non-rechargeable / frequent battery replacement

Visilab hearing aid ranges

Mono and stereo audiological services include:

Prosthetic tests - Personalised fitting - Made-to-measure parts - Charger or 60 batteries/device - Cleaning kit - Unlimited follow-up appointments - 4-year device warranty