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Bernhard Russi

A long-term Visilab ambassador, Bernhard Russi is a legendary figure in Swiss alpine skiing. Son of a professional skier, he was born in Andermatt, and he has always been passionate about winter sports since an early age.

Since winning the Olympic downhill title in Sapporo in 1972, he has never left the world of skiing and mountain sports. He has worked as a sports equipment consultant, technical expert in alpine skiing and other mountain sports, ski run architect, sports commentator and TV presenter in Switzerland and abroad.

Bernhard Russi has seen for himself just how important good eyesight is for mountain sports, with regard to both sporting results and safety. The reflection of light on the snow and the strength of the sun’s rays put our eyes to the test, whatever the season. That is why it is so important for everyone to wear specially adapted protective eyewear that corresponds to their individual activities and needs! The quality of Visilab’s products, the technical precision of our laboratories and the professionalism of our opticians are fully in line with the values of Bernhard Russi, who has complete confidence in the brand when it comes to glasses and contact lenses.

Olympic games 2022: the “Picasso of skiing” is satisfied with the Beijing piste

For more than 40 years, Bernhard Russi, gold medallist at the 1972 Olympic Games, has been designing ski runs for the World Championships and the Olympic Games. He is responsible for nine of the last ten Olympic tracks, and he has designed a total of 24 tracks. The latest masterpiece created by the Visilab ambassador, who is passionate about winter sports, is none other than the Beijing 2022 Olympic track, which he started to design in 2014!