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3d Vision Test

Visual perception disorders are a real handicap in everyday life. Some people are unable to judge distances correctly – thus, they can find themselves in difficult situations. Things like falling down the stairs, pouring a drink next to the glass, bumping into objects, or taking a long time to park are all part of the daily life of those who suffer from a perceptual disorder. Have you ever experienced this type of problem yourself? Take now the online test.

How to carry out the test

The 3D vision test can be performed in just a few seconds. It is an easy way to assess your depth perception ability. Difficulty in assessing distances is restrictive and even dangerous in everyday life. 

To check that you have no trouble perceiving depth, point your left index finger upwards and place it in front of your eyes. Raise your right arm in the air and point the index finger of your right hand downwards. It should be above your head. 

Now move it downwards very quickly, aiming towards your left index finger. The aim of this vision test is of course to assess your ability to make your two index fingers touch. 

Results of the 3d vision test

My index fingers do not touch

You may have found it difficult to make your two index fingers meet. 

Good estimation of three dimensions allows you to anticipate the approach of a nearby object in relation to its current distance from you. 

When you bump into an object such as the edge of a door, it is often because of an inaccurate estimation, making the object seem further away than it really is. 

Some people also have difficulty parking because they misestimate the distances between their vehicle, the road, any other vehicles, and the pavement. 

The same thing happens with your two index fingers if you cannot get them to touch the first time around. 

Rest assured, people with severe depth perception difficulties know about it before they take a test. In the mildest cases, a few sessions of orthoptic rehabilitation may be prescribed.    

What is next?

The 3D vision test is a highly simplified version of the real ophthalmological examination. It may reveal a difficulty in assessing distances, but it cannot be used to make a diagnosis. 

If you have any doubts, an appointment with a specialist is necessary. Living with this disability complicates daily life and makes certain situations dangerous. Solutions exist to improve this perceptual disorder. 

The expertise of a Visilab optician will help you to see things more clearly. A professional optician will give you a more comprehensive eye examination that will pinpoint any visual defect. 

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