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Progressive lenses are a type of multifocal lens. They provide a real solution for people with presbyopia, as they are made up of several focal points that allow different visual corrections to be incorporated simultaneously.

Presbyopia occurs mainly between the ages of 40 and 50 and it is caused by the natural ageing of your eyes, resulting in sharp distance vision but blurred near vision. 
Whether you wear them at the cinema or in the office, in the car or when reading a document, progressive lenses provide your eyes with the appropriate correction, which varies according to the distance. They ensure that you can see well both close up and at a distance, without having to take off and put back on your glasses.

To help you find the best optical solution for your individual needs, you can visit us in store to consult your Visilab optician

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Visual comfort
Ease of adaptation
Wide visual field

Traitement qui permet d'augmenter la résistance aux rayures et accroît la longévité du verre. En savoir plus


Traitement qui élimine les légers reflets sur la surface du verre et rend le verre plus transparent donc plus confortable. En savoir plus


Traitement qui rend la surface du verre anti-adhérente : l'eau s'évacue plus facilement, les salissures adhèrent moins et le verre est plus facile à nettoyer. En savoir plus

Optimised near vision

Permet de limiter vos efforts visuels au quotidien, car ils aident vos yeux à s'adapter rapidement à une vision de près ou de loin. En savoir plus

Fully customised lenses

Verres de fabrication numérique et totalement sur-mesure. Ils prennent en compte l'ensemble des paramètres individuels pour optimiser votre correction. En savoir plus

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Additional options

Do not hesitate to consult your Visilab optician, who will advise you on the most appropriate lenses for your vision and your activities. 

A single pair, for near and distance vision

The standard lens for small budgets

Visigrade Basic is an uncoated entry-level progressive lens. This lens is ideal for occasional use or for a spare pair of glasses at an attractive price. 

The progressive lens with the best value for money

Visigrade Essential ensures visual comfort at any distance. This is the entry-level progressive lens from Visilab, which offers excellent visual comfort and quality.

The high-definition progressive lens for people encountering presbyopia for the first time

Visigrade HD Comfort is a digitally manufactured progressive lens that is perfectly suited to active people who are encountering presbyopia for the first time and are new to progressive lenses. This is the high-performance, high-quality lens they are looking for. It allows rapid adjustment, and it ensures natural and stable vision in all everyday situations.

The high-definition progressive lens for people with established presbyopia

Visigrade HD Advanced is a digitally manufactured progressive lens that optimises the reading distance parameter for ideal visual comfort at close range, particularly when using smartphones or tablets. It allows very rapid adjustment and an extremely wide field of vision. You will enjoy optimal visual stability while remaining active. Wherever you look, your vision is in focus!

The fully customised progressive lens for optimal visual comfort, whatever your activities

Visigrade Individual Precision is a state-of-the-art progressive lens, entirely customised using the most innovative technologies. It incorporates all the parameters relating to head tilt and reading distance. It facilitates the transition from near to far vision, while ensuring perfectly clear, natural, and effortless vision at any distance.

This lens guarantees optimum visual stability, excellent 3-D vision, and an exceptionally wide field of vision. It is the must-have Visilab progressive lens for unrivalled quality of vision, whatever your daily activities.

Difficulties with close or distance vision?