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Online sight test: what your eyes are trying to tell you

Do you have doubts about your eyesight?

Visilab can help you to determine whether you suffer from astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia. Your distance vision, near vision, visual field, distance estimation, and binocular vision can all be tested online. Click on the section of your choice and follow the steps. 

The following tests can be used to identify visual deficiencies. They merely represent a general guide: tests carried out professionally by your optician or ophthalmologist are the only way to establish your visual correction needs. Only an eye care professional can provide a full diagnosis of visual problems. 

Choose your test and get started!

Distance vision

Move 4 metres away from the screen and cover your eyes, one after the other. 

Near vision

For this test, you will need to read a text from a distance of 35 cm from the screen. 


Test in the form of a square containing black and white lines. 

Colour blindness

Detect two numbers on a mosaic of different coloured dots. 

Visual field

Hold a pencil out in front of you and move it while looking straight ahead. 

Binocular vision

Check your binocular vision using a sheet of paper placed on a line between two drawings. 

Myopia and hyperopia

At 4 m from the screen, look at two letters on a coloured background using one eye and then the other.

Distance estimation

This test involves quickly bringing your two index fingers together.