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Hearing services
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Hearing services

Our hearing aid acousticians will help you improve your hearing. Indeed, they will offer you high-quality, personalised services to help you find the hearing solution best suited to your needs.

 Free hearing test

Because it's difficult to assess your hearing yourself, this is the essential way to do it properly. The hearing test only takes about fifteen minutes and is completely painless. Your audiogram is given to you immediately, so you know where you stand.

 Advice and personalised solutions

To determine which hearing aid is best suited to your needs, Visilab takes into account not only your hearing ability, but also your professional and social environment, as well as your aesthetic preferences. You will be given precise information about the prices of the devices and the various stages in the fitting process. Together, you and your hearing aid acoustician will select the solution that's best for you.

 Relationship with the ENT expert

To ensure that your hearing aid is perfectly adapted to your needs, the hearing aid acoustician works closely with your ENT expert. Before you try out a hearing solution, he or she will carry out an in-depth medical examination and draw up a prescription.

 Latest-generation products

Visilab has selected the latest-generation products from leading manufacturers to meet your specific needs. You can choose from 5 ranges of state-of-the-art hearing aids technological innovation. Visilab can lend you a replacement hearing aid* in the event of repairs (whatever the brand of your hearing aid).

 Free, no-obligation trials

You can test your hearing aids free of charge for 4 weeks, so you can assess the benefits and impact on your quality of life. Your hearing care professional will gradually adjust your customised solution to your hearing and teach you how to use it on a daily basis. 

 Communication aids and care products 

Visilab offers you a range of accessories connected to your hearing solution: smartphones, boxes to connect to your TV, external microphones, and landline telephones. Your hearing aid professional will also advise you on the products best suited to keeping your hearing aid in perfect working order.

 Assistance with administrative procedures

The hearing aid acoustician will help you apply for reimbursement from the various insurance companies.

 Full follow-up included

To ensure that your hearing aids are in good working order day after day, your hearing aid acoustician will be happy to provide you with a complete follow-up service throughout their useful life.

 Made-to-measure hearing protection

Visilab offers a range of standard and made-to-measure anti-noise products (earplugs and/or headphones) for young and old, to protect you from prolonged exposure to loud sounds at work or at play.

More individual solutions can also be developed to meet your specific needs.

*See in-store conditions