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Light reactive lenses with variable tints

Are you sensitive to light?

Our eyes are constantly adapting to light. The pupil contracts or dilates according to the level of light, thus regulating the amount of light reaching the retina. Yet, this constant strain from the environment can sometimes cause visual discomfort or even pain due to glare: a phenomenon that is called “light sensitivity”.

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Every day, whether the sky is clear or cloudy, we are exposed to UV radiation from the sun. Yet, although invisible, this radiation can affect our eye health. According to studies by the American Optometric Association, the more our eyes are exposed to UV radiation, the greater the risk of developing eye problems or diseases (such as cataracts  or macular degeneration).

For the best possible protection from UV rays and to remedy the discomfort caused by glare, lenses with variable tints are the ideal solution. Indeed, they offer optimal protection and visual comfort in all situations, combined with a reduction in eye strain. 

What are variable tint lenses?

Optical lenses with variable tints, also known as photochromic lenses, darken or lighten automatically in response to UV rays. They are clear when indoors and get darker within moments when outdoors. These lenses make it easier for the pupils to adapt to changes in light intensity, thus relieving your eyes.

Glasses with variable tints are therefore a polyvalent solution for people with light sensitive eyes, offering at the same time precise vision, optimal comfort, and UV protection all day long. Ultra-practical, these glasses will accompany you both indoors and outdoors. They are also a perfect solution for outdoor sports activities.



These lenses can be used with all optical corrections, including varifocal lenses, and they are available in various tints. Thanks to the latest technology, their reaction to light is increasingly faster. Ask your optician for advice to benefit from long-term comfort and perfect vision indoors and outdoors.

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