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Test for myopia and hyperopia

In terms of symptoms, hyperopia and myopia go together. Both of these common vision problems occur at any age and are often accompanied by visual fatigue and headaches. In both cases, a geometric defect in the eye directs light toward the wrong place on the retina and causes visual problems. Somebody suffering from hyperopia has more or less clear vision at a distance, but blurred vision or eye fatigue at close range. Conversely, people with myopia (short-sightedness) find it more difficult to see distant objects. Are you in doubt? Take the test! 

How to carry out the test

First of all, check that your screen settings are on automatic. Any adjustment to the brightness or contrast could interfere with the test. 

In front of you, you will see two squares next to each other, one red and one green. Each one has a black circle in the middle. 

Place yourself 4 m away from your screen and cover your right eye with your hand without pressing on the eyelid. Look carefully at the inside of the first square and then at the second. 

Repeat the procedure with your right eye, hiding the left one. 

This test is designed to analyse your ability to distinguish the black circle more clearly depending on whether it is on a red or a green background. The wavelengths emitted by these two colours are different and are not perceived in the same way by people affected by myopia and hyperopia. 

Another solution? Make an appointment with your Visilab optician for a complete and professionally conducted eye examination. 

Myopia and hyperopia test results

Nearsighted, farsighted or nothing at all? Interpret your result

The specific wavelengths emitted by green and red bring to light certain visual defects. As myopia leads people to focus too quickly, the black circle will appear sharper and darker in the red square. In contrast, somebody with hyperopia focuses their eye for longer, making the circle more visible in the green square.  

Therefore, if the circle seems blurred and less legible in the red square, you may have hyperopia. If it is the other way around, your eye may be showing early symptoms of myopia. 

If the circles are sharp in both squares, your eyesight is normal. 

To take things further

Please note that this test will not enable you to diagnose myopia or hyperopia. Only an examination carried out under professional conditions can confirm or dispel your suspicions. 

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to book an appointment at your nearest Visilab store. A professional optician will give you a thorough check-up.