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My first glasses at 40

At age 40, “essential” takes on a new meaning. This is the time when you assert your choices. This is also the time when the first signs of presbyopia appear. Some people will have to try wearing glasses for the very first time, while others will need to have their glasses adjusted. Either way, it’s an opportunity to look after your eyes, and to adopt a new, confident style!

The average age for the onset of presbyopia is around 40-45. As we get older, our eyes change. The crystalline lens hardens, making it difficult to see up close. What’s more, with our ultra-connected lifestyles, the eye’s ability to accommodate can prove insufficient, and we may feel a greater need to compensate. If you find it hard to make out small print, and you have to stretch out your arms to decipher what you are reading, it’s highly likely that you are a young sufferer of presbyopia. After all, it’s a natural phenomenon. 

Adopt the style that suits you

Casual-chic, sporty or vintage – change your look in line with your needs and your lifestyle. Our wide range of glasses frames for men or women allows you to combine quality, performance, and style, however you like.

Visilab progressive lenses

For appropriate correction and rapid comfort, Visigrade HD Comfort progressive lenses are the ideal solution for active, young sufferers of presbyopia. Whether for reading, for sport, or for manual or cultural activities, these corrective lenses enable your eyes to adapt perfectly, while ensuring natural, stable vision throughout the day.

Lens treatments

For more comfortable vision in every situation, take care of your lenses with Visilab’s various treatments: anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and anti-smudge. The BlueProtect treatment filters blue-violet light and protects your eyes from UV rays. For night-time driving, the Drive treatment reduces glare and reflections.

As soon as the first symptoms appear, we advise you to consult an ophthalmologist or a Visilab expert optician, who can also arrange all the necessary eye tests

Try out your new progressive lenses with the frames of your choice. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, Visilab will exchange your lenses to find you a perfectly adapted solution. (Make an appointment in store today – and benefit from a large number of advantages!)