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Like sight, hearing is essential to our quality of life. According to statistics, 10% of the Swiss population suffers from hearing problems, and this proportion tends to increase with age. Since communication is essential to everyone's well-being, Visilab is committed to doing everything in its power to help you choose and adapt your hearing aids, and to offer you devices that meet your needs.

Living with a hearing loss is no longer a problem: hearing aids provide effective solutions that allow you to interact satisfactorily with those around you.

The benefits of hearing aids

 The benefits of hearing aids are manifold. Wearing hearing aids significantly improves the quality of life and well-being of users (and those close to them) in a number of areas: 

  • Improved social relations in general and within the family in particular
  • Reduced feelings of fatigue or exhaustion
  • Improved concentration and efficiency at work
  • Improved mental balance
  • Greater sense of independence and security
  • Enhanced social life and easier participation in meetings and social gatherings.

Hearing aids are by far the most frequently recommended solution, as they are the best way of correcting the deficiencies of the ear's nervous system, which are responsible for most hearing problems.

How a hearing aid works

These days, hearing aids are truly ultra-modern communication systems, which explains their price tag, which may seem high at first glance. However, thanks to cutting-edge technology that gives them a multiplicity of functions and a diversity of shapes, sizes, and colours, they are an optimal solution for anyone suffering from hearing loss.

Among the different types of hearing aid, there are invisible devices that sit in the hollow of the ear, equipped with wireless options that transmit sound directly from television, radio and telephone, and which are virtually undetectable. Overall, their sound quality is much better, and they are more comfortable and reliable than ever before.

To find out more about the different types of hearing aid

How do hearing aids work?

The difference between assistive listening devices and hearing aids

There is a difference between basic amplification products (listening assistants) and hearing aids. All increase the ability to hear sounds. However, hearing aids are designed to improve our hearing in difficult situations. Using advanced technological options, including the elimination of feedback (a disturbing whistling sound), they enable us to communicate more effectively, whether on the telephone or in noisy environments such as restaurants or meetings.

Improving understanding in a noisy environment

Hearing in a noisy environment, in a restaurant or at a gathering for example, is one of the major challenges faced by people living with hearing loss. What they hear is a jumbled mass of sounds - in which the voices of the people they are talking to are indistinguishable. The most advanced hearing aids remedy this problem by using directional microphones and noise reduction technology. 

Adapted specifically to your hearing, they allow you to concentrate on each person you are talking to. Noise reduction makes listening more comfortable, helping you to focus on a specific speech or speaker.

Today, thanks to the most innovative technologies, hearing aids offer the most optimal listening experience in the most complex environments.