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Binocular Vision Test

On average, there is a 6.5 cm gap between your eyes. The images each eye perceives are therefore slightly different. Thanks to coordination between the two eyes, these two images merge into one, allowing three-dimensional vision. The resulting image is called stereoscopic, which means that you see things in depth. The 3D glasses available in cinemas work on the same principle. If you have difficulties enjoying 3D, do not hesitate to take this online test! 

How to carry out the test

To perform this binocular vision test, first take a sheet of paper. Please note that the contrast and brightness of your screen must be adjusted automatically. 

The test involves observing two slightly similar shapes (an inverted vase and a fish). Each image will be perceived separately by your eyes. 

A straight line has been drawn between the two objects. 

Step 1: Fold your sheet of paper so that it is 15 centimetres long. For your information, A4 sheets are just over 29 cm long and just under 21 cm wide. 

Then place the sheet vertically on the line along its 15 cm side. If your screen has a standard display size, the sheet of paper should completely cover it. Alternatively, you can print out this binocular vision test and do it on paper. 

After placing the sheet of paper vertically between the vase and the fish, place your nose on it. 

In theory, the distance between the two objects should decrease. This means that you should have the impression that the fish and the overturned vase are getting closer! 

Test results

Is my binocular vision optimal?

This binocular vision test assesses the ability of your eyes to merge two images to give you a three-dimensional view of life with a sense of depth. As you stare at the two objects, you should see them slowly get closer to each other. This means that your eyes are able to coordinate so that the two images become one. 

If you do not notice any difference, your eyes may be having trouble merging objects.   

Be careful, the objects will not come closer together if you concentrate on the sheet of paper between them. Make sure you focus on the vase and the fish. 

What to do in case of doubt?

Whatever the result, remember that this online binocular vision test has no medical value. The diagnosis can only be made by an optician or ophthalmologist after a professional eye examination. 

Do you think your binocular vision is impaired? Make an appointment at your nearest Visilab store.