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Today's hearing aids provide invaluable help to those who need it, thanks to the latest technological advances. Sounds are still amplified, but more intelligently and selectively. In the same way that telephones now allow you to do much more than just talk to someone, hearing aids do much more than just correct hearing.

Visilab now offers a range of accessories that can be connected directly to your hearing aids, greatly improving your quality of life and well-being.

Wireless TV boxes for hearing aids

Wireless TV boxes for hearing aids are one of the most popular solutions. This technology transforms your Bluetooth® hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones, delivering TV sound or music directly into your ears, with first-class sound quality. Thanks to this wireless connection, you can now listen at the volume you want without having to turn up the sound, which is convenient for everyone around you.

Remote control

Visilab offers a remote control for easy control and adjustment of your hearing aids. You can adjust your hearing aids to suit your needs in complete privacy.

Here are the main advantages of remote controls: 

  • Easy handling
  • 3 buttons for the main functions: adjustable volume and programme change in just a few clicks
  • Long-lasting batteries

External microphones

External microphones, also wirelessly connected, enable you to understand better in a noisy environment or at a greater distance from the person you are speaking to, as if you were standing right next to them.

Applications for mobile phones

The new generations of hearing aids connect directly to a smartphone, offering, via a dedicated application, first-rate, fully customisable functions to meet your unique hearing needs. It is also possible to stream phone calls and all multimedia content (such as music, etc.) directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids.