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Anti-Fatigue Glasses

Are your eyes tired?

Do you often work at close range? Do you find it difficult to alternate between near and distance vision? These changes in distance can lead to blurred near and distance vision, eye strain and headaches. 

Easy adjustment for your eyes 

Anti-fatigue lenses limit your daily visual effort, as they help your eyes to adapt quickly between near and distance vision. In technical terms, anti-fatigue lenses reduce the need for accommodation for near vision.  

See the characteristics of V-One Relax 

Anti-fatigue lenses: who are they for?

If you find yourself in the following situations, anti-fatigue lenses are for you:  

  • I spend several hours a day working at close range (reading, sitting in front of a computer screen, drawing, doing precision work...) 

  • My eyes often hurt after a long period of close-up work 

  • I have weak presbyopia 

What is the difference in relation to the BlueProtect coating? 

BlueProtect is a coating that is applied to the lens. It is suitable for people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen because the filter protects the retina from blue light. Anti-fatigue lenses are recommended for near vision activities, regardless of whether or not they involve a screen. 

Tip: opt for the BlueProtect coating if you recognise yourself in the BlueProtect user profiles.   

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