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Warranty conditions for hearing aids

VISILAB mono and stereo audiological services

The Visilab Hearing Department is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, personalised services to ensure the best possible hearing performance. To this end, a 30-day adaptation period, during which users have regular discussions with their hearing aid acoustician, enables them to adjust their hearing equipment for optimum performance at all levels. Invoicing only takes place at the end of this period, once the hearing correction objectives have been achieved.

In addition to custom-made parts such as earmolds, each hearing aid comes with a charger (or sixty batteries per device) and a cleaning kit. In addition to fitting services, our hearing aid practitioners also offer unlimited follow-up appointments throughout the life of your hearing aids.

Visilab has selected partners from among the most reputable manufacturers on the market, enabling us to guarantee each hearing aid for 4 years (the legal prescription period is 2 years).

VISILAB warranty

The warranty covers all defects that appear during the contractually agreed period and whose origin lies explicitly in material or manufacturing defects. The application of the warranty does not entail any extension of its duration or the granting of an additional period of cover for the product concerned.

Any warranty for other possible defects is excluded, within the framework of the applicable legal provisions.

Service under warranty

Products with material or manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced by equivalent products, at VISILAB's discretion.

Warranty period

The warranty period begins on the invoice date shown on VISILAB's invoice and ends after 48 months.

Liability of VISILAB

Visilab's liability for simple negligence, consequential or indirect damage is expressly excluded to the extent permitted by law. VISILAB accepts no liability for personal injury, material or other damage of any kind caused by the user as a result of incorrect handling.