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Steps to take after the hearing test

Once you've had your audiogram, there are a number of steps you need to take before switching to a hearing aid. Visilab is with you every step of the way to better hearing.

Stage 1: validation of the diagnosis by your ENT expert 

Your Visilab audioprosthetist works closely with your ENT expert (ear, nose, and throat specialist) to ensure that your hearing aid is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Before you try out a hearing solution, he or she will carry out a thorough ENT hearing assessment and draw up a prescription. 

Only an expert ENT doctor is authorised to issue a prescription for hearing aids, which will entitle you to reimbursement of part of the cost of your equipment by insurance companies. The ENT doctor must be recognised as an expert by the FSIO (Federal Social Insurance Office). He or she is therefore authorised by the FSIO to carry out the hearing aid assessment.

Step 2: Choosing and fitting the hearing solution

There are a large number of hearing aids available, differing in shape, technology and ease of use. 

To define the solution best suited to your needs, we take into account not only your hearing ability, but also your professional and social environments, as well as your aesthetic preferences. You will be given precise information about the price of the hearing aids and the different stages in the fitting process.

Choice of hearing aid and free trial

Once you have selected the hearing aid that meets all the above-mentioned requirements, you can test it for 4 weeks on a daily basis. 

Based on your experience, the hearing aid acoustician will gradually make the finest adjustments for optimum effectiveness in all circumstances. What's more, he or she will teach you the simple, basic steps you need to take to familiarise yourself with the use and care of your hearing aid.

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Step 3: Ongoing monitoring

To ensure that your hearing aids are in good working order day after day, your hearing aid acoustician will be happy to provide you with a complete follow-up service throughout their useful life:

  • preventive checks and maintenance of your hearing aids,
  • monitoring the progress of your hearing 
  • adjustments to the settings and functions of your hearing aids according to your needs,
  • information on new technologies.

Unlimited follow-up appointments

These appointments are unlimited and included in the basic services. 

Good hearing is both the result of appropriate equipment and ongoing dialogue with your hearing aid specialist. That's why Visilab places particular emphasis on this point.