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About Visilab

Our assets

All opticians, all qualified, all passionate

Being an optician at Visilab means having a passion for the profession. We constantly strive to combine the most challenging know-how with a close and lasting relationship with each of our customers. This is our signature.

State-of-the-art equipment for your vision

To produce your glasses, Visilab uses state-of-the-art equipment at every stage of the process, from eye examination to fitting your glasses.

Full satisfaction guarantee

At Visilab, we want our customers to be fully satisfied with all our products and services. For this reason, we are committed to providing the best possible welcome and service.

Take care of your vision

One of Visilab’s commitments is to help everyone to take care of their vision throughout their lives and according to their own specific needs. Our opticians are available daily to look after your eyes, which are constantly being put to the test, resulting in eye strain, redness, or dryness. An eye examination allows them to pinpoint the disorder or visual defect that is causing your symptoms. They can then suggest the optical solution that will ensure the perfect correction of your eyesight, giving you optimal visual comfort.

Digital innovations and services

Ever since Visilab’s creation in 1988, innovation has been at the heart of the company’s concerns, in terms of technology as well as in terms of services and offers. Visilab is a pioneering brand, the first that offered high-quality prescription glasses manufactured in just one hour. Today, customers have access to the latest technology and trends directly from home using digital tools. Thanks to our online services, you can order the glasses of your choice, have your contact lenses delivered, or try on your next pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses over the Internet!

Fashion and trends

Glasses are a real fashion accessory that allows you to express your personality, convey your state of mind and sometimes even boost your confidence. In our stores, we display the most recent models from leading international brands and offer our customers the widest possible variety.